Dang Fun Will Shine With Survivor Season 9!

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Episode 15
Reunion: Who cares! Get to the Huge Jeff News!!

Episode 14
Finale: The construction workers' revenge.

Episode 13
Big Fat Lies

Episode 12
The Queen's last stand.

Episode 11
NOW it gets good.

Episode 10
Have a kava?

Episode 9
At ease, soldier.

Episode 8
The day the complaining died.

Episode 7
This game will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Episode 6
Flirting with disaster.

Episode 5
Once Survivor pops, it doesn't stop.

Episode 4
Dah one and only.

Episode 3
Girls stink at loyalty, part 2.

Episode 2
Girls stink at loyalty.

Episode 1
Boys stink at gymnastics.

Who will fire up these islands?

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