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Dang Fun Is Alive With Survivor Season 5!

Survivor 5 Bonus: The Audition Tapes
Killing time till the Amazon.

Episode 13.5
A great Survivor season ends with the best Reunion Show ever! Get all the dirt here!

Episode 13
We have a winner! And who wins the Angriest Jury Speech Award?

Episode 12
Hey, Helen! Was this a good episode? OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!

Episode 11
The family members are back! Who gets the most emotional?

Episode 10.5
It's the recap episode with new footage. Who looks even dumber now?

Episode 10
The backstabbing begins. Who is the first with a knife in their back?

Episode 9
They merged! They merged! Who gets handcuffed with the first vote?

Episode 8
NOW do they merge? And who has the lungs of steel?

Episode 7
Merge? What merge? Who said anything about a merge?!

Episode 6
A wise man knows much and speaks little. A fool says "bro" a lot.

Episode 5
Cash, sushi, and whatever floats your boat.

Episode 4
A new dummy joins Robb in Sook Jai! Will he cry fowl?

Episode 3
Put the kids to bed, it's time for some sexual harassment and assault!

Episode 2
Watch out for that tree! George would never survive this jungle.

Episode 1
And the Tribe spake: Thou shalt be voted off.

Season Preview
Meet the Cast of Survivor: Thailand!

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