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FRU 9/9/03
Five summer shows, all in one place.

FRU 5/23/03
Are we going to be disappointed yet again?

FRU 5/15/03
Kim, Cristina and Amber get what's coming to them.

FRU 5/8/03
Sanity returns to American Idol
and says away from The Bachelor.

FRU 5/1/03
The American Idol fans put WHO in the Bottom 2?!

FRU 4/24/03
American Idol gets *NSYNC and
The Bachelorettes just make us hate them.

FRU 4/17/03
A mild Idol surprise, and wild Bachelorette anger.

FRU 4/10/03
The next Idol gone is a shame, the Bachelorettes are shameless.

FRU 4/3/03
American Idol messes with our heads and The Bachelor meets his harem.

FRU 3/31/03
Are you ready for some new Bacheloring?

FRU 3/21/03
Oprah makes a visit to the Update.

FRU 3/13/03
One American Idol finalist goes away,
and you just wish the Joe Millionaire girls would too.

FRU 3/6/03
On American Idol, 10 = 12. I'm glad they sing better than they count.

FRU 3/4/03
No, Evan and Zora, NO!

FRU 2/25/03
Laugh at the Joe Millionaire girls one last time!

FRU 2/18/03
Does Evan find a Mrs. Millionaire? And American Porn Idol!

FRU 2/11/03
Joe Millionaire gets Foxy and American Idol finalizes the first finalists.

FRU 2/4/03
American Idol has a lot of cuts to make, and Joe Millionaire has one big one.

FRU 1/29/03
American Idol has joined the update. Thankfully we don't have audio clips.

FRU 1/21/03
Joe Millionaire plays one-on-one, The Osbournes are in a Pickle,
and a Surreal Survivor?

FRU 1/14/03
Joe Millionaire finds out who's full of horse poo,
TE Matt gets his butt kicked and...is that Arsenio?

FRU 1/8/03
Joe Millionaire! Osbournes! Even a little Survivor.
Lots of news in this week's Update!

FRU 12/18/02
Who is Kelly's boyfriend? What are the TE pranksters up to next?

FRU 12/11/02
Jack is up a Creek and Ozzy has smoke on the water. Plus TE3 predictions!

FRU 12/4/02
It's 2 Osbournes for the price of 1! And what did TE Scott do this time?

FRU 11/25/02
The Bachelor season finale! Did he make the right choice?

FRU 11/20/02
The Bachelorettes reunite for lots of trash talking, and another TE girl quits!

FRU 11/13/02
The Bachelor picks his finalists and there's a Tough Enough cut!

FRU 11/6/02
The Bachelor, Tough Enough, and The Osbournes, together at last!

FRU 10/29/02
Who has the Bachelor NOT kissed and the TE3 Big Fat Quitter!

FRU 10/23/02
Tough Enough 3 and the Bachelor's worst nightmare!

FRU 10/15/02
A Heavenly World Series and the Bachelor gets busy!

FRU 10/8/02
Down to 15 Bachelorettes and the Tough Enough premier date!

FRU 10/2/02
Meet the new Bachelor and more!